Natural Vanilla, Nothing but Vanilla!

Sambavanilla selected the best quality of Gourmet vanilla beans from Madagascar and other countries.


Extra Vanilla

The most popular vanilla.

Sambavanilla Extra vanilla is available in several quantities.

Each batch is vacuum sealed to preserve vanilla quality.

Prime Vanilla

Pure Madagascan product, Sambavanilla Prime Vanilla is a medium size of plump vanilla beans from 15 to 17 cm long.

Black Gourmet Vanilla

Black Gourmet Vanilla offers much longer beans than the normal size. Those Bourbon beans can sized up to 19 cm long and contains a high quantity of seeds.

Minimum vanillin contents is about 2,1 % and moisture level is on the range from 32% to 35%. Due to their size, black Gourmet beans can support a longer refinment process and developp high flavorfull aromas.

Pompona Vanilla

Pompona vanilla is one of the oldest vanilla type from Madagascar. It is also called « Mexico Vanilla »

Sambavanilla developped a special refinment process for this kind of vanilla in rosewood box. The result is unique with flavored and odorous beans.

Papua New Guinea Vanilla

Sambavanilla PNG vanilla is coming from Morobe province located in the East of country. PNG vanilla are coming from Tahitentis type and follow the same preparation process as Madagascan beans.

PNG vanilla beans are darker than Bourbon vanilla and offer some woody fragrance

Vanuatu Vanilla

Vanuatu is located in Oceania between Fidji islands and New Caldonia.

Sambavanilla selected some Planifolia beans (same as bourbon vanilla)

Vanilla is harvested in volcanic country and offers some fruity and chocolated fragrance. The beans are generous and can sized up to 20 cm ( not less than 17 cm).



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Storage of vanilla

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French toast with vanilla pear

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